Being Well through the Seasons: Autumn

Focus on Fall | taught by Monica Corrado
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Monica Corrado
Monica Corrado
Teaching Chef, Certified GAPS Practitioner

About the instructor

Monica Corrado, MA, CNC, CGP is a teaching chef, Certified Nutrition Consultant, and Certified GAPS Practitioner who is passionate about illuminating the connection between food and well-being. She is a dynamic teacher, speaker, consultant, and author who lives to share the tools, knowledge and inspiration to cook nourishing, traditional food.

Monica has been teaching food as medicine throughout the US for more than 13 years after 18 years in sustainable food sourcing and preparation, menu design and management. She is a member of the Honorary Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Monica started her own Cooking for Well-Being Teacher Training program in 2012.

Monica’s current work focuses on the Gut-Brain connection. She enjoys empowering others by teaching them how to heal a leaky gut through food via the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) protocol and others. She has had tremendous results with those on the Autism Spectrum, ADD and ADHD and autoimmune disorders.

Monica developed the first cooking classes for the GAPS diet, and has written several books explaining the how to cook in order to implement the diet. Her work is endorsed, supported, and recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, the author and creator of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ nutritional protocol. For more information see Monica's latest  book, The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS™ Diet.

Learn how to Be Well through the Seasons!

This round, we will Focus on Fall...!

There are reasons why people get sick during the Autumn...And there are many things that you can do to help support the body, mind, and spirit during the season once you know what they are and how to do it.

Set yourself up for an easy, healthy Autumn!

During these sessions, we will explore the following topics:

The Energetics of Fall: Who will be Most Affected and Why, and What the Season Means for your Lungs and Large Intestines

Foods for Fall: What to Eat to Support your Body, Mind, and Spirit during this Season

More Support from the Plant Kingdom: Herbal Allies and Essential Oils...Which Ones to Use and How Best to Use them

Focus on Fall and Be Well through the Season!

Course Contents

3 Videos
7 Texts
7 PDFs
6.0 hrs